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Seriousness and professionalism for over 50 years

Highest support quality at all times

Seriousness and professionalism for over 50 years

A long-standing customer once confirmed: “If Tippelt has planned it, then I can rely on it!” Our creed is also derived from this: Reliability is not a service aspect, but a guaranteed standard. In order to keep this promise, we regularly optimize our processes and constantly evolve with the circumstances of current requirements.

Highest support quality at all times

Communication between the different subsections is crucial for the smooth running of various construction phases. If desired, we can take care of this in its entirety. For the client, this means that everything is automated, saving him time and effort in the long run. – In case of questions, a contact person is always available.

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You get professional planning

Electrotechnical project planning is an essential component of the overall construction. It is crucial for the functionality of the building and thus also for the building stocks. Professional design goes beyond the mere planning of cable routes and risers, for example. It also means taking on the sometimes cumbersome and lengthy coordination with utilities and monitoring compliance with the necessary regulations.

In other words, professional planning ultimately secures the client’s cost estimations even beyond the construction phase.

We save effort through optimization

Modern building owners deserve a partner for electrical engineering who brings the necessary “extra” to every project. As an industry-leading planning office, PLS is characterized by two core factors that lead you to success in your project: an extensive overview of the industry and a particularly effective way of working.

How do we achieve this? – Thanks to parallel order processing, identical designs can be compared with each other at any time and appropriate conclusions can be drawn. This shortens response times, for example, in the event of short-term changes (such as in permit procedures) or special situations arising on the construction site.

The optimized processes not only save the building owner effort, but also time and therefore money.

Individual solutions without additional time? - That's possible!

To quote Fabian Tippelt: “We simply like to take on the responsibility and implement projects in a results-oriented manner. PLS follows a philosophy: ‘Have the clients back when it comes to electrical engineering, construction, site management, etc.!’ The client does not have to deal with us because we fundamentally find the best solution. What is sensible, standard, which dangers are lurking? Where can costs be optimized? – That’s what we ask for and act on!”

Our references

Neighbourhood development
  • Paul-Gerhardt-Allee 700HU
  • Alexisquartier 650HU
  • Aubing-East 345HU
  • Kirchheim 2030 350HU

In Housing Units 

  • Bavaria Palais 88HU
  • Leben am Ostpark 14HU
  • Eschenpark 136HU
  • Lebensraum Bogenhausen 145HU
  • Gleisharfe 250HU
  • Prisma Pasing 244HU
  • Patio Pasing 444HU
  • Das Duett 199HU

Buildings under monumental protection 

  • Westhof Munich
  • Hörhammer Dachau
  • Residential building Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Special buildings 

  • Distribution and scullery for clinics
  • Local heating plants (BHKW)
  • Development of discount stores
  • New and rebuilt full sorter stores
  • Full-range flagship store
  • High-rise building Neuperlach
  • Freeway service station
  • Medical center Rosenheim/Munich
  • Shopping arcades with cinema center

Office buildings

  • With production for Apperatebau Gilching
  • Company building of a production company of the aviation industry
  • Company building of a production company for air conditioning technology
  • Company building of a production company for tool technology

Hotels and recreation 

  • Orleansstraße 379 rooms
  • Oberpfaffenhofen 179 rooms
  • Albstadt 125 rooms
  • Kronstädter street 160 rooms
  • Amsterdam 318 rooms
  • Assisted living 164 rooms
  • Nursing home 48 rooms
  • Luxury hotel Starnberg 180 rooms
  • Wellness and fitness studios


  • Gustav-Heinemann-Ring 212
  • Campus Zamila
  • Brienner Forum

Public institutions  

  • Agentur für Arbeit
  • Fire stations
  • Children's and day care facilities
  • Extension and reconstruction of elementary school
  • Extension and reconstruction of universities
  • Sports and leisure halls
  • Vocational school Garmisch-Partenkirchen

*more detailed object data with the respective building owners gladly on request 

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