We want you. 

Pursue a career with the industry leader and come to PLS GmbH. We are looking forward to you!

Project Manager

As a project manager at PLS you will be responsible for the operational planning and control of your projects. Depending on the type of project, you will be responsible for material, deadlines, cost or training goals within the framework of the project and will lead the team to success. 

Technical draftsman

Your work is what many orient themselves on and implement what you put down on paper. As a technical draftsman, you don’t solely produce technical drawings and plans that are accurate down to the last detail. You also take on a key position and are allowed to grow with us. 

Technical construction manager

You like to keep an eye on everything, know the trades and all their tasks, wishes and ideas? Perfect! You are the specialist who coordinates the contact between the client, the architect and other contractors in your area of responsibility? – We want exactly YOU!

“Skills can be learned, values cannot. We choose our job placements according to a value system.” 

We rely on communication